About Moxhouse Construction

Moxhouse Construction was built out of a strong desire to assist others with their home improvement projects. With a background in construction and business management, we allowed our faith and entrepreneurial spirit to guide us in becoming one of the most sought-after contractors in the Houston area. From design to construction, Moxhouse offers it all.

Today, Moxhouse relies on the knowledge of its experienced staff to offer its clients unmatched service. Whether it’s flooring installation, masonry work, structural additions, kitchen and bathroom remodeling or painting, Moxhouse is ready for your next project.


To be industry leaders for those seeking a trusted Texas neighborhood construction contractor.

Mission Statement

At Moxhouse Construction, we understand that renovations are an investment of both time and money. That’s why we focus on providing each of our customers with the most ethical, honest and accurate service available. Through our dedication to offering advanced remodeling and renovation solutions and our passion for high-quality craftsmanship, we remain committed to achieving our vision of becoming your trusted Texas neighborhood construction contractor.


We deliver the highest level of honesty and transparency. Our core values are faith-based principles. Some contractors practice dishonesty just to get a contract signed. We on the other hand prefer to be honest and transparent up front. Our number one goal is to deliver excellence and to keep all of our customers satisfied.


We believe that good craftsmanship creates excellent reputation; reputation is the foundation to a successful business. To us is all about paying attention to small details. High quality work is at the top of our priority list. We believe that if you’re happy with our work, you will refer us to friends and family and our business will grow.

Competitive Pricing

We maintain low overhead costs and eliminate or minimize unnecessary expenses to provide our customer with very competitive prices. Some may ask why competitive pricing is one of our core values. The answer is simple, today’s market is competitive and customers want affordable services. While we still need to profit, we really focus on reducing our overhead costs and expenses to provide our customer with excellent pricing.


We treat our customers and employees with respect and dignity. We keep an open line of communication and encourage our staff to respect everyone around them despite their differences. For in the eyes of God, we’re all created equal; therefore, no one should be treated inferiorly.


No matter the situation, we will persevere despite difficulty. We always maintain a problem-solving mentality. Problems in the construction business are inevitable, we sometimes run into unexpected issues that need to be solved. We firmly believe that for every problem there is a solution, and we as an organization need to be part of the solution and not the problem. When problems occur, they need be immediately resolved.


We believe that being creative and open-minded will help us tackle complex projects. We listen to our customer’s wishes and keep an open-mind. When tackling complex design projects, creativity and an open-mind will help facilitate the designing process as well as the construction process.

Contact us today and well will arrange for a representative to give you a competitive estimate.

We look forward to hearing your plans for your project and how we can make your dream home a reality.