Tile Flooring vs. Lamination; which is Better?
Flooring / May 19th, 2017 4:19 pm
Tile flooring and lamination flooring are two types of floor coverings which are frequently used by home owners. These two floor covering types are highly different in their style and outlook. Floor tiles, including but not limited to ceramic, porcelain, slate wood and others are manufactured from a wide array of natural and mineral resources, most notably natural stones. However, laminate flooring types are made with very few amounts of mineral materials. Laminate flooring is a synthetic and layered product that has an outer design surface which shares a striking resemblance to hardwood or stone. This article will show you some similarities and differences between tile flooring and lamination flooring and hopes to help you come to an informed decision about which will be better for you and the specific requirements of your house.

Criterion: Installation

As mostly a DIY project, the installation of a tile floor is highly difficult and only home owners who are endowed with...
Differences between Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Floorings
Flooring / May 19th, 2017 4:14 pm
For quite a while, the terms ‘ceramic’ and ‘porcelain’ have been indiscriminately and interchangeably thrown about, mostly by people who don’t understand the differences. This has led many to believe that they’re the same when in fact, they’re not. Most salespeople in tile shops often claim a vast difference between the two to be able to justify the higher price tags placed on porcelain materials. Anyways, we’re here to consider some of the difference between both materials.

Members of the Ceramic Family

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are basically the same. However, there’s a slight difference between them. Both belong to the larger category of tiles which we refer to as ceramic. It is more of a case of reverse naming, where manufacturers just incessantly take tiles that have specific qualities and just slap them with the name ‘ceramic tile’ or ‘porcelain tile’.

It’s All in the Name

Now it’s time to add a little magic of marketing and sales pitching.

The tile-selling...
The Differences between Southern Yellow Pine Pressure Treated Wood and Cedar Wood for Fencing
Fencing / May 19th, 2017 3:02 pm
For fencing in Houston, TX and other surrounding areas, wood fencing is actually the most preferred choice. Due to the fact that Houston is an area with a high humidity level, the amount of moisture in the air directly affects the material of the wood.  Choosing the most suitable material for your fence isn’t just a question of how much you’ll have to spend as it goes far deeper into aspects like the durability of the material you choose.

Cedar Wood: This is a specific species of lumber which is best for any type of board or picket fence, just as long as the bottom of the fence doesn’t touch the ground continually or for a long period of time. Cedar is a wood type that is highly stable. It doesn’t warp, shrink or split; characteristics that are usually found in treated pine wood. Within about a month or two of initial installation, pressure treated pine boards can shrink and warp. After 10 years of usage, a fence that was erected or built using cedar boards will still be able to...

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