Our success as a business depends on the complete satisfaction of our customers. As contractors, we set ourselves apart in this industry by valuing our reputation above all else. Our goal with every project is to succeed in fulfilling each customer’s wishes. Hence, we have created an actual efficient remodeling process to deliver outstanding results to you.

  • Free consultation: schedule your in-home consultation by calling or texting us at 281-318-1348 or by filling out our contact form. A Moxhouse estimator/project manager will meet with you to obtain project details, measurements, and general information.
  • Proposal: on simple projects, we will be able to provide pricing relatively quickly. On more complex projects, the proposal phase may take a couple of days. During the proposal phase, all if not most of the design details will be discussed to provide an accurate estimate.
  • Proposal acceptance: after you accept the proposal by signing a contract, we will proceed with the final design phase.
  • Actual Design: The design phase is one of the most important steps and will require the most attention. We will work with you on design ideas based on the proposal provided. A Moxhouse experienced interior designer and consultant is available for additional design matter, such as décor. In the design phase, all materials will be identified for procurement. 
  • Procure materials: will occur after the design phase has been completed and approved. 
  • Inspection of materials: upon the arrival of materials, we will inspect them for damage or any other factory imperfections.
  • Pre-construction meeting: our team will have a pre-construction meeting to discuss details about the project and exactly how it will be executed. Any special requests from you will be brought up during the pre-construction meeting.
  • Set up work area: we will set up a work area that is ok with you where we will set up tools, tables, supplies, etc.
  • Construction begins (clean up performed at the end of the work day)
  • Quality control inspections will be performed during and after construction
  • Touch-ups: minor imperfections will be identified by quality control inspections and will be corrected.
  • Final clean-up
  • Project complete!! You can now enjoy your newly transformed home!

We carry liability insurance for customer confidence in the rare event of an accident.

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